For edition XIV on the 17th of February, komm schon Alter will invite two familiar faces in an unfamiliar setup, being their very first b2b. This master combination was born when Prosper Rek played his ADE set last year, including a tune Aaryon created. We got a match. In between the busyness of releasing new music on labels as Einmusika and Manual Music and the preparation for their upcoming gig, we set up a little interview about their musical taste and what they’ve been up to lately.

komm schon Alter: Hey guys! Thanks for finding some time to talk to us. So I thought it would be nice for people to get to know your history a bit better. Can you remember what made you decide to start producing music?

Prosper: After deejaying for some time, the idea of making music that is made purely by yourself kind of grew on me. At first I started making edits and remixes, which was a nice way to get started with the producing side of this profession. I guess the trigger was that I was curious how it worked.

Aaryon: Well, what most people don’t know about me, is that I was playing “the bass” in a metal band. I was so fed up with not leveling with all band members, so I started producing the music that I’m passionate about. 

Nope, I definitely didn’t know that. Is making music for yourself as important as making something that gets people dancing?

Aaryon: Me – as a producer – I really have to stand behind my tracks and need to love them. The most important thing for a producer is to love what you do. Producing is my passion and I am glad that people dance to it too!

Do you need to be passionate to get into the studio?

Prosper: Yes, that definitely needs to be there, because you will listen to the track many times before finishing it. If there’s no passion, it won’t work. This happens to a lot of producers. As soon as they lose interest, they stop halfway and start a new project. The start of a project is what has the most fun, but the finishing is what makes the difference.

What have you been up to lately?

Prosper: I have just finished a remix for a guy from Peru – Frank Serin – which will be released on Manual Music the 27th of February. I’m also busy with other projects, so hopefully more info soon!

Aaryon: Well, I just released a new EP on Einmusika called ISOLATION. I made it in collaboration with Animal Picnic and David Granha and it already hits the Beatport top 100 charts. In March I have two upcoming releases on Noir Music and Suara, but the main focus is our new label. By ‘our’ I mean Animal Picnic, Off&On Beirut and me.

Can you listen to your own records after they get released?

Prosper: Ha, no. I don’t particularly listen to my own music after it gets released. But that is probably because I have heard it a thousand times already by then. I hope others do though!

Is there a special record that you never leave home without?

Aaryon: Yes, there are a couple of records actually, but there is one that inspires me the most. No matter where I play the track, people will start dancing.

Radiohead – Everything In It’s Right Place (Andy Müller Long Remix)

What is your true guilty pleasure, or a track that has a special memory?
Prosper: It’s not really a guilty pleasure, but Guy J – Lamur (Henry Saiz Remix) and Gabriel Ananda – Hey Blop both have been a part of the reason why I play melodic techno during my DJ residency in Ibiza.

Aaryon: Without a doubt Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Tristesse.

Any colleague DJ/producers you can specifically appreciate or relate to at the moment?
Prosper: Some of the artists I think are constantly delivering quality stuff are Danito & Athina, Patrice Bäumel, D-Nox & Beckers – yes Frankey from Frankey & Sandrino – and Yotto, just to name a few. You should definitely check out Oliver Winters. He makes this perfect combination between melody and groove. In The Flood especially has this emotional touch, but his other productions also really stand out for me.

Aaryon: Not only my best friends, but also great influencers are Animal Picnic and David Granha. My latest genius discovery is Moonwalk; someone who’s producing on another level right now. He’ll be a breakthrough in 2017.

Can you name three tracks you’ve been listening to in the last month.

Prosper: Oliver Winters – In The Flood, Third Son – Aspirations and Ardyn – The Valley (Tom Demac’s Remix).

Aaryon: Henry Saiz – For Days And Nights (Shall Ocin Club Remix), Vaal – Wonder To Hell (Locked Groove Remix) and Dave Seaman – Vodoo Dissarry.

What about Amsterdam? What is your favorite club to play and what is your favorite thing to do in our capital?
Prosper: Well, although I live here, I haven’t played in all clubs in Amsterdam yet. On the 4th of February I’m playing for the first time at De Marktkantine, to which I really look forward.

Aaryon: I had the absolute best time in Amsterdam in de WesterUnie, during komm schon Alter. It was when I played my very first Amsterdam show, back in February 2015. That place has a very special vibe.

When in Amsterdam, I just love to walk around the city and take a deep breath. The place is a beauty.

Let’s talk about your back-to-back gig at komm schon Alter this month. You sort of need to know each other’s taste and as a person? Where did you two first meet?

Prosper: Aaryon and I met during ADE at the komm schon Alter pre-party.

The b2b came to the idea during ADE, where we heard you, Prosper, playing Fairy Tales from Aaryon. What do you think is special about this track?

Prosper: I like it when melodic techno has a bit of emo in there. This track ticked all the boxes for me.

What do you think is the art of a back to back?

Aaryon: If you match with your co, you can do magic. During a b2b you can use a lot more tools. It won’t change my style though. Aaryon will be Aaryon. I think Prosper and I have a common taste, so it won’t be difficult. Simply four hands can do more than two.

Prosper: A b2b drags you out of your comfort zone. By stepping out, you can create a new energy that could result in a synergy. Aaryon is a very talented producer and I like the dark emotive melodic music he creates. I think our taste in music definitely overlaps, so our styles of music will probably blend nicely.

How do you prepare for a gig like this?

Prosper: This is actually the first b2b I’m doing with Aaryon, so getting to know each other better is the first step. We chat online about how we approach a show and about music.  As I said earlier, it can be a little bit out of your comfort zone. But in my opinion that’s what makes it interesting. The fact that I speak Spanish, because I deejayed as a resident DJ in Ibiza for seven seasons, does make the whole thing a lot easier.

Aaryon: My daily routine is actually pretty simple. Waking up in the ‘morning’ (producers have their own interpretation), breakfast with coffee and start making music. For this gig I chat a lot about music with Prosper. But as a main preparation, you mainly just show up and rock it. We are both in the business long enough and know how a b2b works. I’m quite confident playing alongside Prosper. There are also a couple of freshly produced records that nobody heard yet, that I’m going to premiere at komm schon Alter.

Did it ever go wrong?

Prosper: I remember once, I was doing a b2b in Ibiza and the other DJ was using an acapella on top of the track he was playing. It was awful and he kept using it over and over and over. I think he didn’t notice, but the timing was off and the key was totally wrong.

How do you feel about performing for an older – think 24+ – audience?

Aaryon: It doesn’t really matter how old the audience is. The key will always be the music, because that is the element that creates a special atmosphere and vibe. My job is to inspire everyone, make them move and have a nice time.

Prosper: I really like the atmosphere at komm schon Alter. Maybe because of the 24+ audience, but I also know the team at ksA works very hard to make sure all the ingredients for a successful night are as good as they can be.

Have you already made a selection of tracks for the gig on the 17th? Any tracks that we will hear for sure?
Aaryon: There’s still enough time to prepare the set, but Prosper and I already exchanged some ideas. A b2b shouldn’t be a challenge though. It’s about inspiring each other with every played record. It’s teamwork, not a competition.

Thanks a lot guys!
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