komm schon Alter will have her First. Ever. ADE Weekender.

As last year’s ADE edition sold out like a like a bat out of hell, ksA is providing you with not just one, but two amazing nights.

This year, we will spend our two nights with “Nur für 24-Jährigen und älter” at: The Singel Studios [Duivendrechtsekade 80, Amsterdam]. This unique venue has never been used by a party organization before. It’s a soundproof recording studio in the shadow of Amsterdam, which will be transformed into a warm club with a living room feel. Indeed, a dream location for you, me and Alterkind…

Now: About the line-up! Friday night, the Einmusika collective (incl. Saalbach, Einmusik, Olivier Weiter) and Katermukke (incl. Britta Arnold, Madmotormiquel, Dirty Doering) will set the Singel Studios on fire with their sound. Saturday night gets a rawer vibe with Just This inviting Extrawelt to drop an exclusive ADE set, and also featuring Hunter/Game and Kiasmos. The other room will be hosted by ksA resident Colourizon’s Miss Melera, with a one-woman 8-hour set!

The melodic, ksA familiar collective Einmusika Recordings, bringing:  
Budakid, Miyagi, Jonas Saalbach LIVE, Einmusik LIVE, Gabriel Ananda LIVE, Olivier Weiter

Together with the crazy colourful Katzen of Katermukke, bringing:  
Britta Arnold, Niconé, Madmotormiquel, Dirty Doering, Marcus Meinhardt

The rough touch is done by Just This, bringing: 
Octual & Sinfol, Pisetzky, Locked Groove, Kiasmos, Extrawelt LIVE, Hunter/Game

And my very best resident’s label COLOURIZON, bringing: 
Miss Melera. All. Night. Long.