There is something that has been on my mind for quite some time. We’ve entered 2020 and the world is in dire need of some more love, affection, devotion, fondness, passion, tenderness and respect. We all have the amazing power to spread love, so why not do it more often? And what day would be more perfect to focus on this theme than Das Festival?


 What can you expect:
 ♥ More than 20 dazzling artists, including many Alter favourites
 ♥ Summer flirtations at de Tuinen van West
 ♥ Some small but cosy changes to the festival layout
 ♥ Compliment tree to spread appreciation
 ♥ A pinch of techno for those who love to end the day with a bang
 ♥ Fellow Alters [24+] to meet and have fun!


 Let’s celebrate love in all its forms, because love is the only thing that multiplies when being shared.

– Giorgia Angiuli live
– Miss Melera
– Arjuna Schiks live

– Budakid
– Dirty Doering
– Einmusik b2b Jonas Saalbach live
– Madmotormiquel
– Miss Melera
– Niconé
– Olivier Weiter
– Paji live

☀ Arjuna Schiks– live
☀ Bas Dobbelaer
☀ Daniel Zuur
☀ Dirty Doering
☀ Einmusik – live
☀ Gabriel Ananda
☀ Kiasmos
☀ Marcus Meinhardt
☀ Madmotormiquel
☀ Miss Melera
☀ Nicky Elizabeth
☀ Oliver Schories
☀ Oxia
☀ Polynation – live
☀ Solee – live
☀ Tunnelvisions
☀ Vanita

The melodic, ksA familiar collective Einmusika Recordings, bringing:
Jonas Saalbach LIVE
Einmusik LIVE
Gabriel Ananda LIVE
Olivier Weiter

Together with the crazy colourful Katzen of Katermukke, bringing:
Britta Arnold
Dirty Doering
Marcus Meinhardt

The rough touch is done by Just This, bringing:
Octual & Sinfol
Locked Groove
Extrawelt LIVE

And my very best resident’s label COLOURIZON, bringing: 
Miss Melera.


☀ Olivier Weiter
☀ Miss Melera
+ surprise festival acts
☀ Budakid
☀ Eagles & Butterflies
☀ Faux Nom LIVE
☀ Kauw LIVE
☀ Lövestad LIVE
☀ Malbetrieb
☀ Michael Mayer
☀ Miss Melera
☀ Mungo Bungo LIVE
☀ Nuno dos Santos
☀ Oliver Schories LIVE
☀ Olivier Weiter
☀ Patrice Bäumel
☀ Robag Wruhme
☀ Spix Macaw LIVE
Supported by: HutjeMutje stage (feat. Jolly Mangos) and Jajem Disco Basement.

Miss Melera, Solee LIVE, Rancido, Eelke Kleijn.
Giorgia Angiuli LIVE, Solee LIVE, Budakid, Prosper Rek.
Line-up will follow soon.
‘Nur für 24-Jährigen und älter’