1. Where are the Singel Studio’s?

Find the venue at Duivendrechtsekade 80, Amsterdam or trough this link

2. What are the opening times?

Both friday and saturday open at 22.00 and close at 07.00

3. Is my ticket personal? How can I sell it in a safe way?

No, you can share it with friends. However, To reward loyal visitors in the future and to get a better understanding of our visitors, we ask you to personalize your ticket. The only information we ask of you is your name, email adres, date of birth and place of residence. This information will not be checked at the door. Do you want to adjust your personalized ticket? You can do so by visiting this link. You can resell it over a trusted network like ticketswap

4. Can I park at the venue?

Yes! You can park for €1,50 per hour (till 00.00, after 9.00) at a location only a 3 min walk from the venue. You can park here

5. Are there Hotels in the direct vicinity of the venue?

There are multiple options for accommodation. We recommend booking trough our international partner via this link

6. Is there a public transport link to the venue?

Yes! You can take metro 51 from the central station or any other stop, and after this it’s only a 10 minute walk to the venue.

7. Is there something to eat in the venue? Do you provide tap water?

Yes! We provide you with some night snacks at the caterers, and free tap water is available!

8. Are there lockers or a cloakroom?

Yes! We provide personal lockers you can pre-order via this link, as well as in the venue!

9. How do I party in a responsible way?

Please visit http://celebratesafe.nl/ as well as https://www.unity.nl/ (ENGLISH) to learn how to party responsible.

10. Are drugs allowed?

No! Hard drugs are not allowed in the venue. You can bring softdrugs up to 5 grams, no pre-rolled joints are allowed. If you bring medication, please bring a doctor’s note or something similar to apply for an exemption at the door.

11. I lost my ticket, what do I need to do now?

Lost your ticket or didn’t receive one after purchasing? Via this link you can easily request your tickets again. If you have any other questions about your ticket, feel free to contact yourticketprovider via info@yourticketprovider.nl or on WhatsApp: +31 6 163 966 95 (on business days between 9 and 5).

12. There is a confusing date on my ticket, what to do?

Please look at the ticket title. Does it say Saturday? And the date says October 19th? No worries! You got a ticket for Saturday the 20th.