Cause you’re never too old to dance!


Hey House Großvati Johan!

You are an inspiration to many, wow. To still be partying at your age makes us jealous and ambitious. How old are you exactly?

Johan: “I am 86 years young!”

Have you been going to house and techno parties for long?

Johan: “I started about 10 years ago.”

And how did it all start for you?

Johan: “In my opinion this is just the best kind of music. I love dancing on it due to the rhythm which can almost make me go into a trance.”

For someone your age its quite a work-out to dance all day, how do you keep up?

Johan: “No alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, just soda! The music gives me energy, and that’s all I need.”

What’s your opinion on Alters who spend their days behind the TV in their couches?

Johan: “They are selling themselves short and that’s a shame. You can get so much more out of life, and as long as your still fit and sharp I can recommend everyone to go out and enjoy life.”

Looking forward to your DJ-team playing at komm schon Alter – Das Festival 2018?

Johan: Definitely. This will be a special day.

What record will your DJ’s Roberto Davinci and FlexyFrank definitaly play?

Johan: “Jeff Mills – The Bells”

Danke Großvati, we see you June 9th!


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(foto credits: Arjan Broek)