House rules


  • You need to be 24 years or older to visit komm schon Alter. Please bring a valid form of ID.
  • Cooperating with security checks at the entrance is mandatory.
  • Please mind your belongings and store valuables. Pick pockets may be on the prowl.
  • Look sharp. By entering the festival you give us permission to photograph and film you, and to use any material made as we please.
  • Follow any instructions given to you by security or staff at all times.
  • Be careful! The organisation is not liable for any damage or injury – unless it’s the direct result of gross negligence.
  • By entering the event you automatically agree to stick to these rules.
  • In any dispute that causes discussion that is not mentioned here or elsewhere, the organisation will make the final call.


  • Bringing your own drinks, food, glass, cans, plastic bottles, aerosols, fireworks and pets is prohibited.
  • Weapons and other dangerous items are prohibited. Toiletries are allowed on the terrain.
  • Physical violence, discrimination and intimidating behaviour, harassment and/or other offensive behaviour is prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  • Clothing with provocative and offensive prints are prohibited.
  • You can’t leave and re-enter the event during show.
  • You can not return coins or use coins for another show.
  • It is forbidden to perform promotional or commercial activities at or around the festival terrain without the consent of the organisation.
  • There is a zero tolerance drugs policy. If you bring medication, please bring a doctor’s note or something similar to apply for an exemption at the door.
  • Without written consent of the organisation it is absolutely forbidden to exploit any commercial promotion on or in proximity of the venue. Fines of 10.000 euro can apply for persons or companies not abiding to these rules. It applies for both ticket holders and guest list entries.