Liebe Überalters,

My heart jumps with joy to see so much Über-Alter-enthusiasm and [24+] love, as tickets for Das Festival 2019 are already flying out like Superman on ritalin!

So… My adventurous Alters, while we wait for beautiful spring to slowly enter the city, the time has come to reveal my line up for Das Festival 2019!

☀ Arjuna Schiks– live
☀ Bas Dobbelaer
☀ Daniel Zuur
☀ Dirty Doering
☀ Einmusik – live
☀ Gabriel Ananda
☀ Kiasmos
☀ Marcus Meinhardt
☀ Madmotormiquel
☀ Miss Melera
☀ Nicky Elizabeth
☀ Oliver Schories
☀ Oxia
☀ Polynation – live
☀ Solee – live
☀ Tunnelvisions
☀ Vanita

See you all on June 22nd <3

komm schon Alter.