By donating €1 when purchasing a ticket, you can join me in planting our very own Alter forest of trees. I will add 50 cents to every 1 euro donated by you.
Trees for All is non profit organization, focussing on planting trees around the world. Together with my friends from Chasing the Hihat, we’re aiming at planting a real forest of 1000 trees in The Netherlands at the end of 2020. For every tree planted in The Netherlands, Trees for All will plant one in the tropics! What’s not to love about this plan?
Offsetting is of course one of the many ways of working towards a healthier planet. At Das Festival I focus on some other things as well: we continue recycling all plastic cups, all food will be vegetarian, we only use biodegradable cutlery, straws and plates and we make use of green batteries instead of diesel!
For more information about Trees for All, check out their website:
komm schon Alter.