After last year’s festival success on the Hills of The Tuinen van West, I have big shoes [24+] to fill this summer.

I received many great stories about the intimate & collective feel of Das Festival 2017, and therefore 2018’s edition will delve into this and focus on “making a connection”. I am colouring the programme as we speak, and warm, rainbow colours are in the palette.

On June 9th, the Tuinen van West will turn into a friendly Alter [24+] reunion. We will come together, to laugh, talk ánd dance. I will set up plenty of cosy chill places to relax and organise snug activities. Play an oldfashioned game of Rummikub [24+] or meet each other at the Single Spot. With the mature attitude and the right music, its certain you’ll make new friends, become (musical) lovers or just hang out “Alterstyle”.

Music is always my main priority. This year I have brought in the big, but also the small. What’s completely new, is that I will also introduce a couple of live music bands and speakers, next to my DJ A-team. Connections are made in all sorts of art forms, and the same applies to you Alters.

On a last note: Our social get-together will stay intimate. I will not bow down for greed, for as a result – how ironically – I will then lose the connection with you ?


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