4 November 2019

My last komm schon Alter get-together of 2019 is sold out!

After a very steamy, successful and sold out ADE, my last mature get-together of 2019 - Paradiso Baby! - is sold out too! I can’t state enough how blessed I…
10 October 2019

Paradiso Baby! with Giorgia Anguili, Miss Melera and Arjuna Schiks

Paradiso Baby! November... a dark time long after summer has ended and with the holidays still far away. The perfect time to organise a true Alter Fest on November 29th!…
7 March 2019

I present: the FULL line-up!

Liebe Überalters, My heart jumps with joy to see so much Über-Alter-enthusiasm and love, as tickets for Das Festival 2019 are already flying out like Superman on ritalin! So… My…